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Hello, I'm Sofia, founder of B Body Lab!

B Body Lab was born from something that lives inside of me ever since I can remember. I was just 3 years old when I took my first ballet class and the passion for dancing would forever remain a part of me. Some years later I enrolled at the Dance Conservatory and ended up choosing this major for (one of) my bachelor's degree as well. Across this path I experimented with many different dance styles and I can already count 8 whole years teaching Classic Ballet and Contemporary Dance! Allied to all of this, exercising my body has always given me great pleasure and balance. It is simply something I cannot do without on my daily life. And it's from this mixture of motivations that B Body Lab is born: why not bring all of this together? And so it happened: Ballet Fitness. But don't be alarmed because Ballet is mainly in the inspiration for most postures and positions. The rest? You will work (and hard) on your thighs, abs and glutes.

On top of this, and because we live in a digital time that is here to stay, all classes are taught online and you can choose the option of doing them live with me or by watching the videos later.


If you made it this far there is nothing more for me to say except to invite you to give it a try. Let's go!

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Ballet Fitness Online

Ballet Fitness is an innovative fitness method inspired on ballet positions and postures. The classic dance is simply a basis of inspiration, which means everyone (with and without ballet training) can do it. With this online version you also have the freedom to do your classes whenever and wherever you want.

And how do online classes work?

Live classes: You have the option to do the classes live, on Zoom, every tuesday and thursday at 7:30 PM, with a duration of 45 minutes and with the possibility of real time guidance and interaction with me, which means you can ask any questions about the exercises, posture and overall execution.

Recorded classes: All live classes are recorded and made available to students on the website, on the Recorded Classes tab. 


Short Classes: There are also other sections on the website with shorter or more localized classes and also a video on the basic principles to follow on our Ballet Fitness classes.

Weekly plan: Every month you'll receive a weekly plan to help you reach your goal and keep you committed to your training routine.



More than 200 students are part of the Body Lab community

Ballet Modern
Toca aqui


Thank you Sofia Bichão, for after so many years of ballet/sports, still surprising me with new and exciting exercises!!!

Let me do the class all over again please!

Yoga Senior Class

Ana de Freitas

These past weeks of classes have helped me relearn and reconnect with some movements I already knew from ballet. Thank you, Sofia! It has been amazing.

Yoga em casa

Sandra Oliveira

Just wanted to let you know that I tried my first class last thrusday and absolutely loved it!

Today, I took the tuesday class and it was really good as well, thank you!

B Body Lab nos media


Modadidade perfeita para tonificar o rabo e as pernas (a postura também agradece)

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o ginásio de ballet fitness que nasceu em plena pandemia

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Revista Activa
Revista Activa

Ballet para adultos

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Modalidade perfeita trabalhar flexibilidade

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Ser bailarina em casa, na praia ou no campo.

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A pensar tirar férias do ginásio? Este ginásio de ballet fitness dá-lhe razões amigas do ambiente para não o fazer.

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